We keep hearing that many products we use in our everyday lives may contain chemicals that are found to be unsafe or even dangerous to our health.

Becoming aware of the ingredients and chemicals that are contained in these products, whether they are in our food, clothing, furnishings or personal care products is a good start.  By learning about these chemicals, or sharing the knowledge that we may already have with others, we can find ways to reduce our exposure.

On the brighter side, what can we do about this?  There are a few good options:

In our Personal Lives:

Instead of looking at all the hazards in life and all the things that undermine our good health, there are simple general tactics that we can use to reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals.

On a wider scale, Get Involved:

Join the CNHHE!  You can have your voice heard through free on-line webinars with a mix of participants from public health educators, to research scientists, to interested individuals with questions or concerns.