The Foundation for Resilient Health (RESILIENT)


The goal of our foundation is to help Canadians improve our personal and collective health and that of our natural support system, the environment. Understanding that both the social and environmental determinants of health differ depending on where and how one lives, we seek to improve resiliency for all, through advocacy for policy change and through education and engagement of Canadians.


Resilient humans need:
· A clean environment free of toxic chemicals and waste materials
· An equitable and just economy that supports clean environments and healthy people
· A richly biodiverse world
· Urgent action on climate change, which poses an existential threat to many species on earth, including humans.

Our organization is built on the strong foundation of the New Brunswick Lung Association and the Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment, building on our work with health professionals, other health and environment organizations, and on our expertise in environmental health. The Foundation for Resilient Health springboards from this history, trust, and evidence-based expertise, into the realm of promoting the key pillars of resilient health.

We are located in the only bilingual province of Canada and are able to operate bilingually across the country.


Engagement of Canadians

The Foundation for Resilient Health offers programs that enable Canadians to take positive actions to improve their health resilience. Through face-to-face engagement and on-line programs and tools Canadians can learn more about health risks present in our environment and take progressive steps to protect their own health and the health of their families.


The Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment (CNHHE)

Developed in 2007, CNHHE is a national network of over 470 civil society organizations, researchers, individuals and government employees who are interested in environmental health.. It is free to join (link to how to join). The Network offers:
· a forum for information-sharing and dialogue on various subjects of mutual interest through webinars, and teleconference.
· a delegate selection service for agencies seeking civil society experts to participate in multi-stakeholder processes.
· portals to reliable and evidence-based environmental health information
· contractual services with third parties having aligned goals, enabling greater engagement with our members